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Pretty much like the main question, To make a second Blessed Wooden Stake do I have to talk to all NPC's again?

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Once you have talked with all priests on the first time, from the second Blessed Wooden Stake onwards you just need to talk to Chondur here. He will bless a stake for you every 7 days.

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No, you only need to talk to the Shaman NPC Chondur in your second time but you need to wait 7 days after making the first one..
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When you talk to the last priest at Liberty Bay, he tells you that the next time to want to "Mumbo Jumbo" (magic) you better visit Chondur at Meriana. Once you visit Chondur and ask him for the stake, he is amazed to know that so many persons were needed for the blessing spell and he recommends you to visit him directly next time you need one.

It is important to mention that you require access to Meriana which can be easily obtained in around 5 minutes.

Chondur can make one blessed stake per week.