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1) How many times can I bless a wooden stake into a blessed stake? What's the cooldown?

2) Tibia Fandom states you can get additional stakes blessed within a week, is this correct?

You don't require the Meriana Quest to get the main reward (Blessed Wooden Stake), however you do need it to get the Blessed! achievement, and Chondur can bless you additional stakes in a week's time.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Blessed_Stake_Quest

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If you are making the quest for the first time, you can get two blessed wooden stakes at once. Then, it's 7 days cooldown for every next one. I think you should notice, that world resets are not cancelling the cooldown.
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WHAT? 7 Days! omg thats aloot!
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Yes, sadly it is like this. Maybe NPC needs to gather his magic strenghts again :D