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I want to collect all the fishes for my pirate themed house. I want to know the name of all the fishes, the word "fish" in the market doesn't show them all.

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Tiny BassTiny BassSmall BassSmall BassBass Bass

Deepling FiletDeepling Filet

Green Perch Green Perch

Starfish (Item)Starfish

MarlinMarlin which can be transformed to a Marlin TrophyMarlin Trophy

Mechanical FishMechanical Fish

Northern PikeNorthern Pike

Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout




Northern FishburgerNorthern Fishburger (Hot Cuisine item, but has a fish in it!)

ShrimpShrimp (Not a fish, but I wanted to list if you don't mind)

Fish FinFish Fin

Shimmer Ball Shimmer BallShimmer Glower Shimmer Glower are the only two items that do not expire after 7 days from a  Shimmer Swimmer Shimmer Swimmer the other items that expire after 7 days when combined with Shimmer Swimmer - Shimmer Bow Shimmer Bow Shimmer SwordShimmer Sword Shimmer Wand Shimmer Wand Shimmer RodShimmer Rod

Goldfish BowlGoldfish Bowl

Quest items-

Goldfish BowlFishnapped Goldfish

Corned FishCorned Fish

Some rubbish-

FishboneFishbone Remains of a FishRemains of a fish Fish Tail (Trash) .gifFish Tail

Fish themed items from Tibia store that you need to purchase with Tibia Coins-

Fish in a TankFish in a tank

White Shark Trophy.gifWhite Shark Trophy

Anglerfish Lamp (Lit)Anglerfish Lamp

(Please note, there's also a lot of Pirate themed items you can get through the Tibia store. I didn't want to list them here as you asked specifically for fish items!)


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you forgot about shimmer swimmer :)
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Thank you!
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My edit was just to add the word 'Shrimp' next to the picture