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Considering that Ravens: Black RavenWhite Raven ; Grey Raven   once are unpacked from Grey Raven Kit Raven Kit's cannot be wrapped back, what will happen with Ravens once you will lose or move out from the house? 

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your question is wrong you can wrap it back by right ctrl+ left mouse button using classic controls and clicking on wrap

15:05 You see a furniture kit.
It weighs 35.00 oz.
Unwrap it in a house to construct a black raven.

just tested

15:06 You see a black raven.
This black raven looks quite sinister.

so it probably will go to your depot inbox packed again =)

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Yep, exactly. It is, as other items, posible to keep on your dp, and to buy/sell in market, so as other items, when you leave your home It goes to your inbox, but when you Transfer the House to another player, It stays un the house
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Oh sorry about that ! I got the impression that you cannot wrap it back (like Christmas Tree) after answer in :

Plus I had non to test it;/

Thank you for letting me know!