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The time in Tibia passes differently than in a real life. Despite that, the New Year's and other events like Halloween are celebrated simultaneously on the same day as in regular life. How many days have a year in Tibia?

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2.5 seconds = 1Tibian Minute

2.5 Minutes = 1 Tibian Hour

30 minutes = 12 Tibian hours

1 hour- 24 Tibian hours (one day)

24 hours (one day) – 24 days

Year 365 days – 8760 days

Year 366 days- 8784 days

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One full day at Tibia represents 1 hour in real life, so the formula to calculate it is very simple:

N° of days in the year x 24 (n° of hours perday) = 365x24 = 8760

So, one year in real life (365 days) represents 8.760 days at Tibia.

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One thing draws to question with the above answer is the assumption that a Tibia “day” lasts for more than one moon/sun cycle. The only reason I would argue against the 24 days per one real life day and that the world of tibia still has only 365 of what they call “days” is that the events “Kingsday” and April Fools etc.

Kingsday being an event held in Thais in honor of their king is an entire day full of fun and raids. Although it’s deemed as a day it lasts for 24 moon/sun cycles.

April’s Fools, Hoaxette refers to the month of pranks, and stays the entire month of April.

Valentina visits us on the 14th of February and refers to that time as Valentine’s Day, through out the 24 sun/moon cycles.

So it seems that in the crazy world of Tibia, a single day has 24 rotations of the planet. Heh.

Now obviously I knew what you were pertaining to, but just wanted to entertain the idea of what Tibian’s might think a day is.