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I make a lot of runes while I'm cleaning or doing other chores around the house and it's annoying when I come back and I am logged out! Is there a way to not get kicked due to inactivity without breaking any tibia rules?

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If you are using a exercise weapon you will not logout. 

The exercise weapon takes 16 minutes and 40 seconds to completely use (with 500 charges) and the 15 minutes counter will start after that, so you will spend 262,5 K and you will stay online for 31 minutes and 40 seconds. 

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market won't work, I don't think bestiary will either
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He said he was away from his computer, how can you train ml without being at the pc and without using wands? :O :O
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I made the test, bestiary window and market window dont' work.
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My suggestion is to you come to your computer in each 15 minutes and walk 1 sqm, this way you "break" your inactivity and you won't be kicked
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there are certain places that you dont get loggout due inactivity there is a list here: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/No-Logout_Zone those placer are usually dangerous, but only your character will not log out, your client will go to character selection although.
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well i want to make runes so im not sure which ones will give me my resting area bonuses, but this is good to know :)
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Even if you arent log in, your character being in the game still recovers mana and hp by food and others things but there is no protection zone that will allow you this since the bonus are only aplied to dp and houses so i guess the answer you are looking for is no is not possible at least not in tibia real.
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Everything I looked at seems to point at a bug/exploit being the only answer to what you are asking for so I will say no, there is no way to legally be AFK and stay connected without getting the message. Mana Training and Rune making legally requires input. All options suggested stop one of those happening

I'm not going to post the links I've read on this one because they're all breaking the TOS and that's not what I feel comfortable doing

Hopefully someone can come up with a solution for you