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I know that there are a lot of boss hunters that try to kill it for bunny slippers but does Yeti really drop it or is it just a myth?
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Not a myth, but it's quite difficult to drop it...
There's a lot of ppl that kill yetis and didnt drop it yet :c
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you have it on bestiary? I just want to know if the bunnyslippers show in beastiary or not... :( I know its ultra rare to drop...

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I believe it was debunked after they were added to beastiary and a person killed 5 and showed no slippers in the loot.
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Really? Is that really true? Nothing special about Yeti, even after all of these years?
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that is very sad! are you sure about it? I always belived that it dropped the slippers. So which other moba is more likely to drop it?
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But it didnt showed or there was a slot with a “?” as a rare ?