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Does anyone have experience in whether or not you're able to use charms on Rookgaard? I know it might take a while to obtain them but I'm just curious.

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Yes and no, in theory it is not possible to get the right number of points as described by Nixcomander earlier, but you can use some cheat, you can get the right number of points to unlock the charm and then return to the rook and thus keep  gained charms.

Video as proof:


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Is not possible since the charms points given by the creatures, even if you managed to kill them all enough its unlikely that you get 500 to buy the cheapest charm, the creatures that gives the most are rotworm and minotaur and only give 15 points

To give more prove, lets do the math just to be sure

Chicken 5

Rabbit 5

Cat 1

Sheep 5

Pig 5

Deer 5

Rat 5

Snake 5

Cave Rat 5

Spider 5

Young Troll 0

Wolf 5

Bug 5

Troll 5

Poison spider 5

Bear 15

Wasp 5

Goblin 5

Troll guard 30

Orc 15

Skeleton 15

Orc spearman 15

Rotworm 15

Minotaur 15

TOTAL = 196 Points