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Today I found  Ground reed on Rookgaard. You can get it when you grind in a mill Bunch of Reed, but this "item" and pole you can find on Issavi (mainland). How is it possible that I met this on rookgaard? It isn't possible to take items with you back from mainland, right?

UPADGE FOR BEST ANSWER, you must click where wheat and it works :)

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Hi. Ground reed has recently appeared on Rookgaard. To get it you have to use bunch of wheat in the right place on Willie's mill. You can find more information on the rookie fan page where I also found this information: https://rookie.com.pl/Thread-Trzcina-Reed.

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Hi game mate,

I think the only way to find that object in Dawnport is by dying at lvl 6 and reaching again lvl 5. If this happens you are teleported again to Dwanport and everything is deleted but your stuff in the depot. If you have that object in the depot, you can throw it in the streets of Dawnport.

Extract from Tibia Wiki Fandom:

Due to the loss of experience points upon death, every player whose total amount experience points fall below 1500, which would normally cause a downgrade from level 6 to level 5, will get their level reset to level 1 and will have to start all over with the character on Dawnport again. This is also known as "rooking". All possessions except those in the character's depots, including his Bank Account and spells are deleted upon being rooked.

You can find it here.

I hope it can help you.

Kind regards.

UPDATE: As pointed out by

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There was never a rookgaard deposit.
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True. My memory failed there. There were tables to share items. But not depot. Thanks!
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This screen is new, I made this after I made my question. No deposit on Rookgaard and you can't transfer items i think from mainland :( but maybe other way with flour/reed? :D