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I recently achieve level 230 on my paladin, so I want to know the best armor to use. I think about Ghost Chestplate or Embrace of Nature.
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Gnome armor is the Best for now

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This pretty much depend on situation, depend of what you doing/hunting

For bosses Earthsoul Tabard.gif Firesoul Tabard.gifFrostsoul Tabard.gifThundersoul Tabard.gif any of those is fine since goot 4 distance

to hunt monsters that give ice damage Embrace of Nature.gif is good since you can imbue life leach and got 4 distance and ice protection

to hunt monsters with fire/earth/energy damage i sugest you a Depth Lorica.gif with the respective imbuement

i not really great fan of Ghost Chestplate.gif it provide 3% of fisical protection more than lorica but you lose 1 distance and death protection and with price of one you get like 3 lorica, anyway it can still good for monsters that have one element+ phisical damage if you lack on fisical defense ( most of time solved by sleep shwal or pendulet+prismatic ring)

so there isnt a correct answer to "wich is best" most of time armors are situational, if you got any more doubts write down on coments

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The best armor is Gnome Armor Gnome Armor since, in general,  it has the best atributes as you can see following:

You see a gnome armor (Arm:17, distance fighting +3, protection energy +8%, physical +4%, ice -2%).

It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 200 or higher.
It weighs 120.00 oz.

Now, as Longshoot said, it will depends much whre are you going to hunt, so, although Gnome Armor is the best armor for this lvl, it might be not the best option for some hunting grounds.