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I know Tibia had guilds before the guild system even existed! However, you can include whatever is known to man on what the first guilds in Tibia were. I think it's always great to preserve history.

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There's a registry of Tibia guilds since 2002 when the guild system was implemented but there were some guilds before the system existed. Here are the 3 earliest guilds-

  1. Denny Crane: June 13, 1998 (The guild doesn't exist anymore)
  2. Mercenary: August 1, 1998 (July 1998 according to their homepage. They used to have Mercenary Shield later became a Griffin Shield)
  3. Red Rose: December 7, 1998 (According to their guild page and they also still have the Rose Shield)

Some of the other oldest guilds in tibia are:

  • Soldiers of justice
  • Satori
  • Messiahs of bedlam 
  • Knight of the round table
  • Tribe
  • Friends of Honour
  • House of Salinos
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Do you have a source or did you just know these? If so, please include your source! Also, would be great if you listed the dates of the other guilds when they were created. I know it wasn't originally asked of me but if it was something you're able to find I'd appreciate it.
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I actually flagged this question because I was sure it had been asked before. Cant find any evidence of it so my apologies shawtay. Its a good question so +1
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no worries, it happens. im surprised it wasn't asked before myself. thank you :)