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I have been considering my options in collecting certain rare mounts. I saw the Midnight Panther can be tamed, though it only spawns every 3 days in 3 locations in Port Hope. I also saw the Undead Cavebear can be tamed and spawns every 3 or so days in 3 locations in Ramoa.

What are all the mounts which require the taming of a rare create of this nature?

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Only for now we've got about 200 mounts in Tibia. Their number increases with time. Some of them we can consider as cheap, since taming items are easily avaliable and its' price is low. Others are expensive due to the very high price of taming items and/or its' rarity. Finally some of mounts we can consider as more or less "rare". I decided to divide them into three categories:

This category contains the rarest creatures, which as bestiary entries are classified as "rare" and require a more complex description.


Treasure Island:

 The lobster can be found at level - 2.

A single specimen respawns here every 3-5 days.


Crustacea Gigantica respawns in 2 places shown on the map below:

The first one respawns in the spot to the south. The next one (5 hours after respawn of the 1st) - to the north.

Crustacea respawns approximately every 3-5 days.

Seacrest Grounds:

Crustacea Gigantica's respawn works differently here, as it uses specific mechanics implemented along with Oramond island. The difference lies in the fact that when you alternately kill the specific monster another monster may respawn instead. In this case, there is a very small chance that Crustacea Gigantica will appear instead of Abyssal Calamary. The respawn of calamary has to be killed as long as needed until the lobster will spawn.

Examples of respawn locations:


Muggy Plains:

The first way is dragon raid on Muggy Plains, placed in the north of Zao. It occurs quite often (approximately every 5-10 days).

You can recognize it by the message:

00:00: The dragons of the Dragonblaze Mountains have descended to Zao to protect the lizardkin!

Razachai Palace:

Draptors respawn in -3 level of the palace, every 4-7 days in 2 groups of 1-2 creatures. Two respawn areas are marked on the map below:


Midnight Panther can be met randomly in one of the 3 places marked above. A single specimen respawns every 3 (rarely 4) days.


Don't hurry while running through Panther's respawn areas! Always focus on the graphic effect of spells cast on you. Midnight Panther is the only creature out of all others around, which deals energy damage and can also be invisible for a long time. You may not see her but spot her attack.


Usually, we can meet them every 3 days, rarely 4 days.

Undead Cavebears respawn in 3 waves. The 1st one, as shown on the map, is located on the right side of the Lich Hell and occurs at a random hour, which makes possible the realization of all 3 waves between the server saves. The second wave respawns exactly 5 hours later. The third one, located on the left side, respawns exactly 5 hours after the second wave and 10 hours after the first.


They can be often met individually or in small groups on swamp areas to the south and east of Venore.

Their irregular respawn is the reason of their classification as rare monsters. They spawn along with the server shutdown, after the save, and then every 4 hours.


Wild Horse can only be met if horses run away from NPC Palomino's barn and are running among the trees and around the Troll camp to the east of Thais. Every three hours since the server save, there is a respawn of a big wave of horses which may contain from 0 to 3 Wild Horses. Their respawn area is marked below.

However, it's good to check the whole area east of the city, because horses are quite fast and they split up very easily.


Taming Crystal Wolf requires the knowledge of Thornfire World Change.

The day, when Shadowthorn is conquered by the fire elves (Firestarters) and the whole fortress burns - we can trigger the spawn of Thornfire Wolf. To do it, we have to use a special bucket prepared beforehand, which can hold the holy water and extinguish the flames. While we are doing this, there is a possibility for the wolf to appear in the place marked on the map below. It's announced through orange communicate which is hearable/visible even in Venore -"Unleash the fire wolves and burn the house of the enemy."

As is well known, luring Thornfire Wolf to the temple placed in the east side of the fortress and forcing him to step on the "bog water", we make him turn into Crystal Wolf.

Their rarity is influenced by the fact, that they are only avaliable for a limited time per year.

  • BRIGHT PERCHT SLEIGH (and the second variant) - We can tame it during Winterlight Solstice Event (22 December - 10 January)
  • COLD PERCHT SLEIGH (and the second variant) - We can tame it during Winterlight Solstice Event (22 December - 10 January)
  • DARK PERCHT SLEIGH (and the second variant) - We can tame it during Winterlight Solstice Event (22 December - 10 January)
  • BLUE ROLLING BARREL - Orcsoberfest Event (From the second Friday until the third Friday of March and October)
  • GREEN ROLLING BARREL - Orcsoberfest Event (From the second Friday until the third Friday of March and October)
  • RED ROLLING BARREL - Orcsoberfest Event (From the second Friday until the third Friday of March and October)
  • URSAGRODON - We can find him amond Chyllfroest undergrounds (between April 1 and May 1).
  • BLAZEBRINGER - If we have lit all 10 basins on a successful Lightbearer event, you can ask Santa Claus for a very special present to receive this mount (12 December - 31 December).

Comparing to the mounts with irregular respawn time, these ones seems to be quite common. I decided to mention them, because their presence is not regular and depends on specific world changes.




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I know, that there is already the best answer with some up-votes, but in my opinion it is very laconic, sometimes misleading or even incorrect. That's why I decided to add another one and refresh the topic.
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Omg this one was really thorough. Nice!
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Sorry for my delay in commenting/upvoting.

I have selected this as the best answer as you have answered it perfectly including detailed images. I appreciate it.
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Draptor: Invasions with warning in Muggy Plains and without warning at wote's drakens
Crustacea Gigantica: Invasions in Calassa, Oramond and Treasure Island. (You can force the respawn in Oramond)
Crystal Wolf: Each ~2-3 days the Thornfire world change is active and you have the chance to tame
Undead Cavebear: Invasions in each 3 days aprox in Lich Hell
Midnight Panther: Invasions in each ~3 days in Tiquanda
Ladybug: You can only find when Hive is on third stage
Ursagrodon: Only possible to tame during april
Dragonling: Only appears when Fury Gate or Goroma's Volcano is active
Water Buffalo: They appear each 4 hours counting by server save
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Both Dragonling and Water Buffalo may be considered as common in comparision with for example Midnight Panther, but still it is not a regular spawn, so I decided to suggest it :D
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I think that the answer needs some corrections, because for now it's a bit misleading. First of all no lobster appear on Meriana. It appears on Treasure Island, which is completely different island. Since cipsoft implemented bestiary Shadownthorn changes its stage often. on my server its always day by day and we can meet Crystal Wolf every second day. I wouldn't write "each 3 days aprox", because it is simply not true - much better is to write on what it depends or skip this info. Midnight panther in 80%+ appear after 3 days.
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Thanks for your comment, I used the days to answer about Shadowtorn base on my server, which is each 3 days, that's why I put "aprox", I'll change the other things.
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Undead cavebear, Crustacea, Midnight panther and Draptor are the ones i'm aware of.