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There are some mounts that if you have the item there is a 100% chance you get the mount. Like using Spectral Scrap of Cloth will always give you the Haze mount. What are all the mounts that have a 100% chance using the taming item?

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Well, here is a list with the mounts I remember:

MountWay to tame
Antelope AntelopeTrade 225,000 Hunting Task Points with Walter Jaeger
Blazebringer BlazebringerIf you have lit all 10 basins on a successful Lightbearer event, you can ask Santa Claus for a very special present to receive this mount.
Percht Sleigh 
Bright Percht SleighCold Percht SleighDark Percht SleighDeliver a Percht Skull to Frosty.
Percht Sleigh Variant
Bright Percht Sleigh VariantCold Percht Sleigh VariantDark Percht Sleigh VariantAsk Frosty to upgrade by delivering another Percht Skull to him.
Percht Sleigh Final
Bright Percht Sleigh FinalCold Percht Sleigh FinalDark Percht Sleigh FinalAsk Frosty to upgrade a Percht Sleigh Varian tby delivering another Percht Skull to him.
Dragonling Dragonling (Mount)Using a music box
DraptorDraptor (Mount)Using a music box
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound (Mount)Use a Golem Wrench on a Modified Gnarlhound.
Haze HazeUse a Spectral Scrap of Cloth.
Ironblight Ironblight (Mount)Using a music box
Kingly Deer Kingly Deerusing a music box
Magma CrawlerMagma Crawler (Mount)Using a music box
Midnight Panther Midnight Panther (Mount)Using a music box
Neon Sparkid Neon SparkidUse a Crackling Egg and you will automatically receive it.
Rift Runner Rift RunnerUsing a Mysterious Scroll.
Sparkion Sparkion (Mount)
Use a Vibrant Egg.
Stampor Stampor (Mount)Give 30 Hollow Stampor Hoof, 50 Stampor Horn and 100 Stampor Talons to Chondur in Meriana.
Tamed Panda Tamed Pandausing a music box
Vortexion VortexionUse a Menacing Egg and you will automatically receive it.
War Horse War Horseusing a music box
Widow Queen Widow QueenUsing a music box

Also you have cases like Gryphon Gryphon (Mount), Stone Rhino Stone Rhino (Mount) and The Hellgrip The Hellgrip where you don't have 100% chace to tame, but their tame items do not broke, so it can take some time but in the end you will tame for sure.

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I just edit the table cuz on the comment "Use a Menacing Egg and you will automatically receive it." was inside of another table.  Now it looks all simetric. Sorry is a (my) TOC :)
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Neon Sparkid: Using Crackling Egg
Sparkion: Using Vibrant Egg
Vortexion: Using Menacing Egg
Blazebringer: Having Deed of Ownership on your Backpack and talking to Santa Claus
Stampor: Giving 30 Hollow Stampor Hooves, 50 Stampor Horns and 100 Stampor Talons to Chondur
Rift Runner: Using Mysterious Scroll
Dragonling, Draptor, Ironblight, Kingly Deer, Magma Crawler, Midnight Panther, Tamed Panda, War Horse, Widow Queen: 100% chance when tamed with Music Box