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I know character auctions are coming to Tibia, however my question is do you need to have an auction or can you pick what account your character can go to? I have a noob account I use for Lightbearer because my account was full at the time and want to know if I can just transfer her over to my account without an auction...

This questions inspired by the recent news on Character Auctions...https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5691&fbegind=14&fbeginm=7&fbeginy=2020&fendd=13&fendm=8&fendy=2020&flist=11111111

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No, sadly you cannot transfer a character to another account. Character auctions are going to be an auction, someone can still outbid you. Here's an answer on the matter-

"Since there have been several questions regarding direct transfers of characters, instant-buy, private auctions and the like: We do not currently plan to introduce another system than what is described in the FAQ, which is public auctions. While you cannot directly transfer a character from one account to another, you can certainly create an auction and bid on the character yourself in order to move it to another account. This obviously still includes the possibility of somebody else outbidding you. We have decided against offering other options to avoid fraud scenarios."

Source- https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39014359#post39014359
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At this point CIP has made no announcement of being able to move a character directly to another account. Many people are requesting this though and I would be surprised if this wasn't introduced as a feature as well. If it was introduced I would suspect it would have a higher base fee than the 50 coins to prevent people from moving a character back and forth for sharing purposes.
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No you can not. Today it's impossible to transfers characters from accounts, and Character Auction must have an auction, you will not be able to sell it directly to an specific account.