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I've heard rumors of some lovely rares being given out at conventions in the past. Can you please list to me all the rares that you're aware of?

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I own a pretty popular fanpage in facebook and instagram so I've been allied with official fansites before. I did a convention around 4 years ago I believe, in Caracas, Venezuela. I was allied at the time with TibiaVenezuela, TibiaLatina wikia and Tibia Events so we had some events and games that would give away fansite items, that day we handed: 

2 Dragon Goblets, 

1 Black Knight Doll

1 Memory Box

1 Nightmare Doll

This is a group picture we took that day with almost everyone that assisted to the convention.

Before this there was 2 other ones hosted solely by TibiaVenezuela, one in Caracas, Venezuela on 2013 where a few Dragon goblets and other rares like yellow roses, trophies, medals and CM tokens were handed but I can't remember exactly what they gave away in that one. And also another one in Merida, Venezuela where golden medals of honour, trophies of excellence and 2 dragon goblets and a nightmare doll were also handed all amongst the assistants, as staff we were forbid of earning any price or participating in the events and raffles from all this conventions.

This question is too wide, there are a lot of fansites that hosted conventions before, so it is really hard to just sellect one answer for it.