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Many achievements are exposed on several pages related to Tibia, but my curiosity is about the secret conquests, do we have to imagine them and test them within the game or can we research them all?

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"A list of all regular achievements that can be earned ingame is shown in the Library section as well as in the Character section of the Cyclopedia ingame. However, there are also secret achievements which players need to discover themselves. There is no information about these achievements on our website. Keep your eyes and ears open! Maybe you can catch a hint in the game or on the forum. Whenever you reach an achievement, a message will pop and tell you about it. " A quote from the Tibia Manual

You do not have to research secret achievements on your own, you can always look for the help of other players or fansite. Maybe connecting what achievements came out during which update will help us narrow it down. I remember there was a secret achievement that was recently discovered called, "The Snowman". This achievement you get by opening 100 new Snowman Packages (not the ones that were open ever before). You can imagine how long it took the player to discover this achievement, as Snowman Packages are rarely dropped by Grynch Clan Goblins during the Christmas event. Only time will tell what other secret achievements are out there ; )
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