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Hey, I saw earlier a player with (traded) beside their name. I sent him a message and he informed me he just bought the character from the new auction system.

I was wondering if anyone knows how long that tag remains for or if it can be removed, or is it just permanently there?

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How do I recognize a traded character?

Recently traded characters are marked in numerous ways. Recently traded means that the character has been transferred in the last 30 days. After this 30 day period, the character will no longer be marked.

Ingame, every recently traded character receives the addition "(traded)" behind their name when writing a chat message. A right-click on the chat message offers the context menu entry "Traded Character" which reveals how many days ago the character was traded. Furthermore, items whose text description can be altered (e.g. letters) display a hint that the text was last changed by a character which was recently traded.

On the website, players will be marked with "(traded)" in the characters section. In the forums, recently traded characters will receive the addition "traded" as well as a tooltip below their name when posting. Posts written by this character before the trade will also be marked "traded", but can no longer be reported. The character's post count is reset as well.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=latestnews&id=5692#faq11

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Ahh I see. I assume then that if I buy a name change the (traded) trag will still display?
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I'm not sure. Based on how CIP has worded it it should still display for 30 days. Assuming there are no bugs with that system.
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It seems as though the 'traded' tag can be removed earlier than the 30 days as indicated by cip (though I am not sure if it is intentional or not).

I bought a character earlier and then bought a name change (you can search Saintly One), which seems to have removed the 'traded' tag. I have confirmed with 5 different people that they cannot see the tag. I will post more info if it is only temporary or if anything further comes of it.
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Sorry mate, i just searched for it and i still can see it at the website, i guess that means you can also see it in-game

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It shows on the web site but not in game. If you have a char on Antica I can show you. I also made a report on the tibia support boards which a tutor is investigating.