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Lately I've been seeing some mid to high level characters offering some very dodgy offers in the the Advertising channel in game. Ive checked the characters on Tibia.com and all the ones I have checked have come from another world and have changed their name.

Does changing your name remove the (traded) tag from your character, or is something else going on? Or is this an unrelated trend not attached to to the new character auctions?

Any help much appreciated

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Yes, I actually purchased a character and tested it myself. Upon changing your name, it removes the traded tag (in game) but players can still search your name and it will be listed as traded on the website. 

I also made a support post on the Tibia forum when I tested it, though I am not sure the result f the tutor who investigated it further. 

Check it out here: 


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Many thanks. Thought I was just being paranoid but you've answered this perfectly. If you get any updates from CIP please let us know
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No problem mate. I will continue to  monitor the support post I made and add an update if anything further is discovered/added.