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So, If I buy a name change and change my name to something totaly different. If some of my old friends want to look up my character, can they use my old name at tibia.com to find me and see my new name? :)

And for how long will my old name work (if it works at all that is)
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The same question has already been asked before. In order to keep the TibiaQA question base clean, we marked this question as a duplicate and closed it to any new answers. This does not mean the question was wrong - we are just making it easier for future users to find the answers they need by linking the duplicated question.
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It is not a duplicate, but legit question.

I got namelocked for my nick "Church Master" many years ago, but it can be still searched on tibia.com which results in being redirected to my current character profile - Bosst.
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Hmm, thats interesting. I tried it and it really worked, even tho "Church Master" isnt anywhere to be found on your page except in your own comment. Thats also bad news for anyone that is hunted and wants to change name and maybe get away from the harasment :P