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So, If I buy a name change and change my name to something totaly different. If some of my old friends want to look up my character, can they use my old name at tibia.com to find me and see my new name? :)

And for how long will my old name work (if it works at all that is)
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Interesting! I wonder if that's only the case for characters that had to forcefully change their names. When I search for an old character name of mine (I bought a character rename) I don't end up on my profile. What's more, there's already a completely different character that uses this name.

I also reopened this question - this indeed isn't duplicate. Character search and old character name display don't seem to be connected.
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Thank you. I did some additional research and I was unable to find any cases like mine.
It's actually quite interesting, would be nice to check it with someone else who got namelocked for illegal nick.
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Thanks for opening up the question again, I'm still a bit confused about this :P

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Yes your character can still be found at tibia.com if people search for your old name. It gets redirected.

But just for 6 months.

After those months the name becomes available for anyone to use again.

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As mentioned in the comments on the question, 6 months doesn't seem to always be the case.
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I am fairly certain that it is actually the case, but I might be wrong.
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Have you checked out the char "Church Master"? The name is long gone from the character page (6 months have passed), but you can still search using that name.