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I came back from a hunt in a tomb in ank. And I looted a "rotten meat" I took it with me to the Depo cuz it was a green item, the text was green when it dropped. And it was green around the item. When I hit the depo and looked in the market, no one was selling or buying, looked it up on tibiawiki but no info there either. So WHY is this trash item green? :P

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Check the History of the sell & buy of the items. There is a chance that someone bought or sell this item at higher price. It can be also sometimes related to the world event.

Similar situations happens with Crystal Rubbish Crystal Rubbish from Roshamuul area. 

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It seems like it has been sold and bought, but I doubt that it has something to do with a world event. Cuz it has only been bought 3 times, and this is on Antica :P