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After finishing Soul War Quest can open a reward chest, from which we can get one of many different "best in slot" equipment items, like armors, legs, weapons.

Unfortunately, I feel that my level is not high enough to complete safely this quest and get the item, so I am interested in buying one of them. And here is my question - which one of these items should I buy as first? Which is the most useful and may visibly improve my hunts?

As the question states - I play as an Elder Druid.

I can buy one of three items:


(Arm: 17, magic level +4, protection Death +10%).
It can only be wielded properly by Druids of level 400 or higher.
It weighs 24.00 ozImbuement Slots: 2


(Arm: 10, Magic Level +3, protection Fire +10%).
It can only be wielded properly by Druids of level 400 or higher.
It weighs 38.00 oz.


(Magic Level +5, Mana Leech chance +100%, Mana Leech amount +3%, Life Leech chance +100%, Life Leech amount +5%, protection ice +12%)
It can only be wielded properly by Druids of level 400 or higher.
It weighs 25.00 ozImbuement Slots: 2

Thanks for every advice!

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Could you tell us the price of each of them, or we might ignore it? Also could you share places you use to hunt?
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Ignore it. I just want to know, which of these item is the most useful, advantages and disadvantages during hunt. If you think, that it depends on where player used to exp, share it giving an examples :)

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Soulstrider if you hunt in places where the monster are weak to ice(demons hellhound and summer court)

The hexer if you lvl in places where there are ice monsters  (winter courts ice)

And the shroud is more for pvp or hunt undeads
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Well, ignoring prices and just think about what benefits each item will give to you, here is my list on priority order:

  1. Soulhexer this is the item which will give you more benefits if comparing with the best right after him. Let's take a look:
    Atribute/ItemFalcon RodFalcon RodSoulhexer
    Magic Level+3+5
    Protection8% Energy12% Ice

    Furthermore, you still get an extra 3% and 5% Mana and Life leech respectively with a 100% chance.

  2. Soulstrider is the second option.

    Atribute/ItemGnome LegsGnome LegsSoulstrider
    Magic Level+2+3
    Protection7% Energy -2% Ice10% Fire

    Here you will receiver +1 Arm, +1 magic level and a better protection, this time agasint fire. Might be your first choice if you use to hunt alot at fire library and jugger seal because the fire protection.

  3. Soulshroud I dare to say that this item is not worth the high investment.

    Atribute/ItemBear Skin Bear SkinSoulshroud
    Magic Level+4+4
    Protection11% earth -2% fire10% death
    Imbuement Slots12

    Basically the only good thing you gain is one more imbuement slot to use, if that is your problem I recommend to buy an elven mail which will be much better for your pocket.

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Toga Mortis is for sorcerers only
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true, thanks for your help
Might add that the soulshroud is an druid armor with x2 imbuement slots, if you were to use elvenmail as a substitute  you would lose out on 4 magic level, which is rather much.
Another bonus is that the death imbuement is one of the most expensive ones to keep on.
However, even stating this I think the magiclevel of these chestpieces should be increased too 5 or even 6.