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Pretty much as the main question: I want to know how does the ML impacts on Mages? On healing or attack, how does it works?

Thanks in advance.

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Magic level is a huge factor when it comes to using mages. Of course, as you know, levels and magic level both make your character have more damage and also helps you heal more. Tibia doesn't give us exact formulas but some say skills help more than level. However, level to me is very important and I can notice a difference greatly in my attack or healing compared to someone 100 levels under me but has a higher magic level (my druid friend and I team hunt a lot), but this is my opinion on what I see in the game. Im sure so many other factors like equipment go into play. As you skill up the harder it is to get a magic level, so make sure you offline train when you can and participate in xp/skill events. Here are some important quotes from the Tibia Manual:

  • The damage a character causes when using harmful magic will increase with every level. Also, any healing spells a player uses will become more effective.
  • Magic levels are important because they directly influence the power of spells. You will find the damage your character does with, say, a heavy magic missile increases with its magic level, so a spellcaster at level 25 will cause more damage with magic level 34 than with magic level 30, as he has more experience and can control runes more effectively.
  • Furthermore, characters do not only need a minimum experience level, but also a minimum magic level in order to use runes, so this skill level is also important for paladins and knights. For example, characters can only use the powerful "Ultimate Healing" runes once they have reached magic level 4 provided they have the required experience level 24.


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