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I was conducting my daily yeti hunt and I noticed a Polar Bear drop a snowball. I thought this was odd and checked tibia wiki and saw that snowballs are not in their listed loot table. I was wondering why it was dropped?

Here is a pic of the loot log:

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Between September 15 and September 23 whole server have an opportunity to take part in the Colors of Magic event.

You can check the details about event here:


On the server, where you used to check Yeti, the winner must be Furb of Fun. When logging into the game you should see an announcement:

13:33 Furb, the orange wizard of fun is overjoyed! You actually made his colour win! Enjoy his gifts for the next week!

It means that your server will be rewarded for 7 days with:

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Ahh I see. So the world I play on (Antica) must have had the orange wizard win which means certain monsters drop special items that they normally wouldn't.

That makes sense. Thanks for that!