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Premium Scroll I was inactive at the time that they removed premium scrolls from the game but can you please go into detail what they were and why they were removed?

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Premium Scrolls Premium Scroll (added to game: June 13, 2012) was replaced by Tibia Coins Tibia Coins with the implementation of the Store in the Summer Update 2015.

They were intended for private use and to trade premium time in a legal way. Premium Scrolls could only be stored in your Depot, Inbox or Purse. It was not possible to move them out of containers or to put them onto the floor, for example. These scrolls were never dropped if the character holding them in his purse slot was killed.

You could always order Premium Scrolls for yourself, but to transfer them to other players the following requirements had to be met:

  • The account had to be registered.
  • The account had to be a premium account.
  • Not having transferred more than 6 Premium Scrolls within the last 30 days.

If purchased by credit card or PayPal:

  • The account had to have existed existed for at least of 240 days.
  • Having a character of level 70 or higher on the account.
  • Having bought at least 60 days of premium time more than 6 months ago.
  • The payment method credit card is not blocked on the account.
  • Having not transferred more than 3 Premium Scrolls within the last 30 days.
  • Having one month of active premium time left for every scroll to be transferred.


You can exchange Tibia Coins Tibia Coins  for:

Premium Time, Extra Services (Sex Change, Name Change, World Transfer and Express World Transfer), Blessings, Potions, Runes, Mounts, Outfits, House Equipment, XP Boost and Useful Things (Charm Expansion Offer, Instant Reward Access, Prey Bonus Reroll, Permanent Prey Slot, Gold Pouch, Gold Converter and Temple Teleport) via the Store. They can be traded with other players via the Market. Once bought, they are available to all characters of the same account no matter the Game World and it's also possible to transfer them to any player anywhere. The change from Premium Scroll to Tibia Coins significantly influenced the development of the game.

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Cip changed it to a better option to make money with the announce of Tibia Coins.

Premium scrolls were used to buy premium in game, were created to provide a safety way to sell premium ingame.