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I know Tibia got rid of Gamemasters and the Gamemasters got rewarded for their time served. I want to know what each GM got please!

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They received a Gamemaster Doll  and an item of their choice from the following list:

  • Dark Trinity Mace 
  • Solar Axe 
  • The Epiphany
  • Great Shield 
  • Ferumbras' Hat 
  • Rainbow Shield 
  • Snake God's Wristguard 
  • Royal Crossbow 

From what I can remember, the most solicited items were the Solar Axe  and the Epiphany 

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Most of them sold their items, specially considering the Solar Axe and the Epiphany were the top tier axe and sword at the time so knights were willing to pay a pretty money for them.
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Nice... so all went to some item collector?
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I lovee your answer but I wish I knew which GM asked for which but I didnt post that in original question