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I know Tibia doesn't have Gamemasters anymore but as the question entitles: How were Gamemasters appointed to this role and what tasks did they have to perform as part of their responsibilities to keep their role? Like I know they would ban people but what were they mainly doing everyday to keep being GMs or to fulfill their duty!
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The description of the question does not refer to the daily tasks as the summary does (or do you imply that by saying "to stay Gamemasters"?). Maybe it is better to focus this question only on the selection process (if so please amend the title question) and create a separate question for the daily activities. Otherwise, perhaps the description could be reworked to be more clear.
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thank you let me edit it tell me what you think

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Gamemasters were CipSoft staff with a supervisory role.A major group of the Gamemasters were volunteer players entrusted with these powers by Cipsoft. It was their duty to investigate and to punish rule violations in Tibia. To do so they had a number of special abilities, like the right to check players' criminal records, the ability to broadcast red messages, the ability to teleport to any player online, among others and to certain key locations. Also, gamemasters could impose penalties on players which include notations, banishments and even account deletions (if the account had received a final warning already). Following is a little bit about their history:


Originally, gamemasters were called wizards. For a long time they had no special GM character at the time and were not invincible, meaning that when they had to evaluate a case of a troublemaker, they were risking their very own lives during that "quest".

With the new account system, CipSoft was able to bestow a whole account the status of a gamemaster instead of doing it manually to a specific character.

After the implementation of new gameworlds and the premium account system, CipSoft provided Gamemasters with a new, invincible tool character, which had no vocation, no carrying capacity, and was always level 2.

The more experienced gamemasters were promoted to the rank of Senior Gamemaster. They had a more wide variety of powers and the Criminal Record that were imposed by them were not possible to complain for its withdrawl. When the Customer Support Team was enlarged, its members became Senior Gamemasters. After a while, the Senior Gamemasters who were gamemasters became regular gamemasters again. From then on, all Senior Gamemasters were members of the CipSoft Team.

The 23rd of August 2010 the role of voluntary Gamemasters came to an end. Due the growth of rule enforcement tools, Cip has determined that volunteer Gamemasters are no longer needed, hence voluntary Gamemaster's were deleted entirely from the game. Some became senators, whilst others became senior tutors.

Source: TibiaFandom

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i didnt know that they were called wizards XD so funny thanks for letting me know also the fun little added facts about the ranks they are today.