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White DressI've never seen this item in Tibia before and I'm curious if anyone actually owns it and how they obtained this beautiful dress. I think this item has some history that I'm not familiar with and I'd like to learn more about the White Dress!

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White Dress

 is one of the RAREST items in Tibia.  There is probably only one white dress in the game.

It was donated to the wedding of two GMs a long time ago and since then it has wandered around the players a few times until it ended up on Antica, at Sheepyy's house. Interesing is fact, that he exchange golden helmet for these dress -  there are many more of them in the game so it was really good deal. For years, we have been able to admire her in his house along with equally rare items - blessed shield, crown and magic long sword.

Unfortunately, his items were sold in a difficult situation for him. The white dress, however, remained in almost the same hands. It's owned by Miujau, Sheepyy's tibian (or real - I don't know) wife. since he decided to give this item to his wife, it probably didn't get a good price and has sentimental value. Until recently, we could admire it in her house, but now it is hidden from the deposit. However, we could see her in December at the Red Rose Anniversary exhibition - the oldest guild in tibia.

Btw... If it was a wedding gift, did the couple only get one item? or maybe there were two items in the game? It's really interesing question but this is the only one known dress.


1. Miujau house, 2019

2. Red Rose Anniversary exhibition, 2020

3. Sheepyy house, archive 


sources: TibiaMysteries, TibiaWiki, private archive & knowledge

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Hi, I think if this is an answer added specifically for the competition, it would be appropriate to complete the answer by signing the photo sources. Are they yours or from the internet?
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The dress was originally a present from Cipsoft to award a real-life marriage that was done in-game, to my knowledge. Unfortunately, the account was later compromised, and the dress was taken. The dress ended up in my hands for the price of a golden helmet. I then gifted it to Miujau, my wife. The Red Rose is a home to both Miujau and I, and its vaults house several mysterious items, some that have never been on display. She made the appropriate decision that this is where the dress should live, and I presume it will be there for a very long time. :-)

Kind regards,
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"some that have never been on display." You're killing me here! So there's items we think are lost forever that are there? Or items that we didn't know people owned even (For ex- "Not implemented yet on Tibia Wiki) PS- I heard rumours you sold your items off because of something personal that happened inrl.. this is a lie correct?
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Well, from this ss we are unable to know the reason and I can assume it's intentional. If it was published on a Discord channel for friends it should stay there and not be discuss in public. I suggest to respect ppl's privacy and let them answer on their own or skip these aspects.
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My intention is to not ask details but rather get clarification as selling and gifting are two different things in my eyes. I do not intend to get too personal and hope I did not offend anyone. I completely understand how those topics can be personal, so sorry if I'm being nosey.
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someone who had been collecting rare items for years and suddenly decided to sell them must have had a really good reason to do so. There is a difference between selling and giving to someone, but in what I wrote and what this person wrote here (I don't know if it's sheepyy, so ...) they match. The dress was up for sale, but it stayed home.
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You can find lots of information on the white dress at this link https://www.tibiamysteries.com/items/white-dress-the-forgotten-but-unique-rare/. This includes some of the history and even a twitch clip when Sheepyy purchased it on 12th of November, 2017. I am unsure if he is still the current owner.

Also, this is the history that is listed for the dress:

"Although it is unknown at what point the white dress entered the game, we do know how it got into the game. During the early days of Tibia, presumably around 2002 or 2003, the white dress was a reward given during a wedding between two Gamemasters. It is clear that the dress has resided on Antica for a while before being sold to Sheepyy. One of the Gamemasters was Prinzess, an Australian player on Secura. It is thought that she was the first owner of the dress and has long kept this dress. Although no screenshots or videos have been found that show the dress on Secura, multiple players have confirmed Prinzess’ ownership of the dress. The white dress was later seen on Zeluna, where Van Rodgan owned the dress and offered it for sale. Although it is unknown whether this is the same person as the one that later sold Sheepyy the dress on Antica, it is clear that the dress has resided on Antica for a while before being sold to Sheepyy."

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The dress is unique.
was given to a couple of GMS in the past in marriage.
your question is whether the two received the item.
I don't think so, for some reasons.
after that item was introduced in tibia we only had access to one.
we've never seen 2 at the same time in different worlds.
the item went through Secura NOpvp world and today is in PVP world.
but in the past it could bring items from the NOpvp world to PVP worlds.
you commented on him switching to a Golden Helmet, that's correct.
White Dress is a very rare item, but unfortunately it has no assignment in the game.
Golden Helmet has many in the game compared to dress, in contrast it can be used, in your character, maybe that is one of the reasons for the person to have changed.
he sold his collection, two items he didn't sell were the Rose Shield and the Dress.
he is still with Miujau.