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I know key rings used to be an item and now it turned into broken key rings. Can you tell me what key rings once were, how they were used, and why it got changed?
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I really loved my keys ... it was the lightest container used to hold keys and items, I hated when cipsoft made the rings unusable ... it worked like a backpack but couldn't fit into the backpack slot.
As far as I can remember, they were replaced in 2010 by Jeweled Backpacks and turned into broken keyrings. I still don't understand why cipsoft did it, because it was a really nice item, super light, and wonderful for my pally back then I carried 25 key rings on average. I really hated when cipsoft did it, there wasn't a very logical explanation of them for removing this item.
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Right especially because there are so many items like this today!

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They were removed with the Summer Update 2010. 

It worked similar to an ordinary Backpack, but could not be equipped in the backpack slot. It was the lightest container. Players who owned one were compensated with a Broken Key Ring inside a Jewelled Backpack.

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Came here to ask about broken key rings so thanks for answering my question so upvote for everyone and boo hiss CIPsoft removing keyrings