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What is the most expensive trade in Tibia history? If you could include the gold coin/tibia coin price and if you could translate that to what it means in RL I would appreciate it.
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Not really. I want to know what was the most expensive deal in gold coins and what was the most expensive deal in real life money.
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well trades with rl money are illegal is this what you mean? sorry, not sure i understand but its because we have to follow tibia rules here at tibiaqa
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Oh, didn't know that. Let's mantain the way you changed then. It's alright.

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Not sure about item trades, but as far as char bazaar goes the most expensive one to date (according to exevopan, https://www.exevopan.com/statistics/highscores) is 330k tc:


330k tc is approx 11-12k USD