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Few hours ago I have seen that some guy is selling Magic Long Sword for 5kkk and Blessed Shield for 2.5kkk.

As we know, it is not possible to exceeed sum of 1kkk via market and classic trade.

How to make a safe deal without a risk in such case?
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I added "safely" to the question title, because it seems that this is the main issue
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Answers should take into account what Tibia as a game/software provides and therefore I can safely say the following.

There is no 100% safe way to make trades with values higher than 1KKK.

If you're asking it and considering real life exists there are many other ways of trading such things as mentioned on the answers.

But, by definitiion, your question has the answer on itself and should not even be allowed.
Perhaps ask what's the highest value and answer with 1KKK though market would be more appropriate.

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The probably best way would be to trade such items with other high value items which add up to the value via the safe trade function in the game. The seller can then sell those items via the market.

Other options such as "middle man" blabla are never 100% safe but probably the best other option but it is not recommended to use such services.
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In regular cases the buyers are people who have a good "fame", if the buyer is a strange the use the services of big streamers like Bubba o Zuckins (Its normal to sell/buy Ferumbras Hats) people who have good reputation and valore it more than money.
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Usually the trade goes item for item + money like lets say people are buying a rare for other rares + items. Most common rare to use in these trades are golden helmet since it has a pretty stable price and isn't hard to get rid of
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