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Yes! I'm pretty shocked to hear there were some achievements removed from Tibia in the past. What I'd like to know is which achievements were removed from Tibia and is there a reason as to why?

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The two achievements that are unobtainable are Notorious World Saver and The More the Merrier.

Notorious World Saver- "The achievement „Notorious World Saver“ has been removed from the game due to a bug which allowed players to obtain this achievement without any effort - A post written on 14.12.2011 by a CM on the official Tibia forums"

Source: Tibia Forums: Notorious World Saver

The More the Merrier- "This achievement used to be of grade 1 and give 3 points, but the backlash CipSoft faced for implementing an achievement involving real-life expenditures urged them to change it into a worthless curio on September 15, 2015. However, it can inexplicably still be earned by anyone willing to satisfy the requirements (albeit to no effect). Only players who earned it prior to CipSoft's rectification can select to display it on their character page, though."

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The only one that I'm aware of is:

  • The More the Merrier
    • Obtained when completing the Recruiter Outfit 
The Achievement got removed because completing it requires RL money to be spent, so because of it CIPSOFT decided to remove it.
The player who acquired it before the removal, can still display it in their tibia.com page 
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wow they got to keep it im mad hahaha, i have this outfit:(