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I'm curious if they ever removed any creatures from Rookgaard. I know in the past they removed my favorite Bug or Spider cave if I remember correctly it was in the Premium Area. But was there ever a creature they removed in Rookgaard, if so why (If possible to know)?

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From a Free Account's point of view, chickens and orc spearman have been removed.
I explain:

  • Chickens

In the past, chickens were plentiful on the Free side, especially in the south of the temple.
Currently, they exist only in the premium area, and, as far as free accounts are concerned, they are only accessible if one accidentally crosses the premium bridge, which is rare without human interference.

  • Orc Spearman

In the past, there was an Orc Spearman running freely near the Wasp Tower, it was terrifying, hahaha. There was also a wasp on the ground floor that was removed.

Now, there are only Orc Spearman in the Orc Fortress, accessible only on The Rookie Guard Quest's last mission. This quest can only be started by players of level 5 or lower. This means that the island's old inhabitants (who kept themselves free account) never again fought with the mischievous orc.

Other monsters removed, let's see ... The maze that leads to "Mino Hell", you know? There used to be a Minotaur accompanied by two orcs. Today there is only one orc.

The reason for these removals seems clear to me: making the island safer (or less dangerous) for beginners.

Other changes in this regard include the vegetation wall that horizontally cuts the western side of the island ... This did not exist before the addition of The Rookie Guard Quest. The same goes for the mountains to the east of Hyacinth, there are many trees there, too bad.

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Chickens weren’t removed from rook they were only moved to the premium area, same as orc spearman you can still find in the island
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You are ignoring a fundamental aspect of my answer: The perspective of a Free Account player.
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Ok you explained your view just said the creatures weren’t removed from the island just moved to a specific area
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They didn't quite remove a creature from rookgard itself since its exactly the same it was back then, but they did "removed" a part of the tutorial that you had to go through caves with cockroaches, so they are not reachable anymore due to the implementation of Dawnport.

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The only creatures removed from rook was the ones from old tutorial island : Cockroach

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Besides the Cockroaches- I'm assuming they also removed the Tarantulas then if the beginners island isn't accessible anymore in Rookgaard. If that's the case I think Fandom is outdated~ 

Tarantula After the summer update of 2008, tarantulas can be seen on the beginner's island of Rookgaard.


However based on this question you can still access the tutorial island if you have an old character there so in a way these creatures are still there... but not accessible to certain players: https://www.tibiaqa.com/9165/is-there-any-way-to-access-the-rook-tutorial-island?show=9165#q9165

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Is it confirmed to work that way?
I had characters in the tutorial island right off the boat. But they were all teleported to the Rookgard Temple.