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There are a lot of tutorials and guides for all vocations to hunt solo. I'm looking for hunting spot ideas for a group of around 5 players, all of them level 100 or more (some far exceeding 100). The vocations differ, but we can assume we have at least one player of each vocation in the group. What are some reasonable places to hunt for such a group? The places can be either exp or profit related (please mention in your answers).

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I think Poi Quest is a good place for hunt with 5 players , you can lure as you wish to get nice respwn and loot, also In banuta serpent spawns , medusas is a good exp and profit. Also on grimvale you can do nice exp , there is a video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTpyClPFMiM

And I think in Asura's Palace you can get a very nice exp and profit also but maybe for 5 is too small.
As they said the best is 4 to hunt so you can get the full bonus
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Well, with 5 players, it all depends on what the extra vocation is. If you have an extra MS or ED you could easily begin to over-hunt spawns, but could go to somewhere like lower rosh as long as the ek is on the higher side. But I cannot say that I recommend 5 person hunting in the first place .
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