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What are all locations, where I can find Deeplings Elite among Fiehonja?

There are not many of them, but it still might be helpful for those, who are trying to make this bestiary :)

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There are not many Deeplings Elite among Fiehonja. I decided to present them also with Deepling Tyrans sice it might be helpful while doing bestiary. As we know we have to kill 1000 Deeplings Elite and 2500 Deeplings Tyrant, so it's worth to not skip the Tyrants while killing Elites.

Deepling Elite is marked on maps as PINK

Deepling Tyrant  is marked on maps as GREEN

From my own experience: if you're interested in completing bestiary on Deeplings Elite (as well as on Deeplings Tyrant) I suggest to focus on levels -3 and -4.