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I am doing the wagon race but when I use the fork on the wagon, the annoying dogs don't turn into eating dogs and keep chasing the wagon. What else I need to do?

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To make the Annoying Dogs transform into Eating Dogs during the Great Food Race: You need to quickly pick up the fork at the beginning of the race. You use the fork on the cart and it will drop meat. The Annoying Dog has to be directly on top of the meat in order to change into an Eating Dog.

I wanted to insert a quote from TibiaQA question: How to win the great food race? so you get a better understanding of the race overall: "Avoid the slowing sqms, avoid the slowing monster, but when starting  the race, you  can pick the fork in the ground (right at the beginning), So when the wagon is slow and the dog is annoying everything, use the fork on the wagon, so the dog  gets distracted with  the food on floor, with  practice you can achieve mastery on this technique, but  its not hard...  Another  tip is to  go on groups of 3, so you  have more chances of wining. good luck"

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Only using the fork on the wagon doesn’t activate his feeding mode, I tried...
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Are you going to downvote the other answers I have linked from this site then? Also, I am not sure if you have a language barrier but I will re post the first sentence of my response: 'I haven't done it myself, but I found an insert of a comment in another question which may assist in this question' Please note the meanings of the word 'may assist in this question' Cheers.
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The answer is you use the fork on the wagon and the meat appears but you need the dog to stand on the meat in order for them to change.
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Oh didn’t know that, thanks shawtay