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I wonder how this powerful race came about, what did they do and what city did they come from?

I heard that they are or were a very old and powerful race.

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Yalahari were creation of Gods and they found their home in Norther Island called now Yalahari.

Today we would like to introduce you to Yalahar, an ancient city that has developed greatly over time. Its inhabitants, the Yalahari, belonged to one of the most intelligent races that were created during the God Wars. They did not see any purpose in sacrificing themselves in this war, so they withdrew from the raging battles and found refuge on one of the northern islands.
There, they quickly established this city with the help of their minions and pursued their quest for knowledge and science. During their research, they stumbled across an entity that seemed to be living in a place that existed somehow between worlds, somehow between existence and non-existence. They decided to name this entity Variphor.
Their initial thrill to have discovered something that spectacular was soon replaced by fear. Variphor was vicious by nature and had gained enough power to influence the Yalahari in a negative way. He manipulated them to fight each other and in a night of slaughter many of them died. To avoid a complete destruction of what they had accomplished, the Yalahari fled from the island and left the city to their minions. Without their masters, they tried very hard to keep everything running. However, soon they were overcome with vanity, enjoying the luxury that now belonged to them. Some of the former minions even started to pretend to be the real Yalahari.

Rumour has it that one of the true Yalahari has returned in the meantime though, influenced by Variphor, to bring destruction upon the world. So be careful whom to trust and try to find out if you are dealing with an enemy or a friend if you meet a Yalahari."

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