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what happens in Roshamuul when worlds merge? do we need to build the bridge again?

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If one of the function's servers has already managed to build the bridge or destroy the wall in Roshamuul, these achievements will be transferred to the new server. Otherwise, Roshamuul's status will be completely restored and players will have to start working on these changes from scratch. Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38022350#post38022350

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sometimes I can't express my questions and answers well and I see some people demonstrating along with images in the questions and answers. how do I do that?
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You can either copy and paste and image off of the internet - Or press the image icon which is an option located where you ask or answer a question (you know where you bold your text etc). Hover over the icons and it will tell you what it's for.
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I will try to do that in the next question. Thank you.