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I was browsing some answers and a player advised us Huskies don't appear in the Hunt Analyser when killed. My question is what other creatures don't appear in the Hunt Analyser, and why not?
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It was so weird for me when I realized that!

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I did some testing and the creatures that do not appear in the Hunt Analyzer are any creature in the Trivial category of the Bestiary. Also, it seems that creatures that give no experience and do not leave a body when they die do not appear either (eg. Fish don't appear in the hunt analyzer but slimes do). If anyone notices that any of the creatures do appear, or find a creature that is not in my list, please let me know! This is the list I came up with:

Butterfly (Purple)
Butterfly (Blue)
Butterfly (Red)
Northern Pike
Modified Gnarlhound
Mushroom Sniffer
Fish (Leaves a fish you can eat on the ground)
White Deer (Turns into an "Enraged" or "Desperate" White Deer, these kills are tracked)

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Hii I tried White deer and they  apply too
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Thanks, added them
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Hello! All kind of horses also have this condition.