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Is there in any book, quest or something like that a reference to any other game inside of Tibia?
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Maybe not a reference, but Beholders are taken straight outta Dungeons and Dragons.
They got renamed 2010 to Bonelord instead, due to copyright infringement.
So they do not have the name Beholder anymore but they still have the appearance of the Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons.

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Below is a table taken from Tibia Wiki. These are the list of Allusions within Tibia associated to other games. The full list of Allusions can be found here: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Allusions#Other_Games

AvatarAvar Tar, the Edron hero always on a quest for King Tibianus, is a reference to The Avatar, the protagonist of the Ultima Series.
The Bard's TaleThe strange text, IRKM DESMET DAEM, found on a note on a wall in a Rookgaard cellar is also found in a dungeon in the original The Bard's Tale video game.
Castle of the WindsThe Ab'Dendriel guildhall Castle of the Winds might be an allusion to the rogue-like computer game Castle of the Winds.
CastlevaniaVampire hunter Julius may be an allusion to the vampire hunter of the same name from the Castlevania series. Vengoth Castle bears some resemblance to the video games' castles and the related Castlemania achievement lends some additional strength to the allusion.
Chrono TriggerThe Lavos Armor is a direct reference to Lavos, the arch enemy from the SNES game Chrono Trigger, who dwells in the depths of the Earth.
The insectoid Kollos has a clear resamblance with Lavos and its spawns.
Command and ConquerA gravestone in the Thais Graveyard refers to the programmer of C&C, the computer game series Command and Conquer.
Dance Dance RevolutionA mission during the Unnatural Selection Quest is called Dance Dance Evolution, an allusion to the video game series Dance Dance Revolution.
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimCommander Stone asked for his job replies After I accidentally shot a fellow adventurer an arrow in his knee I had to leave for some safe place far away in a hurry. This is an allusion to a line spoken by every guard in Skyrim: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.
When you hit an Adventurer by using a bow he will exclaim Arrrgh! Not my knee!. This is also an allusion to the line above.
Combat instructor Shanoya on the Island of Destiny sometimes says "Master the bow to shoot an arrow in the knee!". Again, this is an allusion to the line above.
Combat instructor Shanoya on the Island of Destiny sometimes says "Master the bow to shoot an arrow in the knee!". Again, this is an allusion to the line above.
GothicThe Venore templekeeper Yberius is a reference to Y'Berion, who is a Guru and the leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeper in the first part of the Gothic series.
Half-LifeA piece of paper relates a message from Dr. Kleiner to Gordon about teleporters. Dr. Kleiner and Gordon are characters from the popular Half-Life series and both are scientists who work with teleporter technology.
MarioIn the Realm of Dreams, "someone" is sleeping in the room. A statue by the Gate of Expertise reads: Another Castle. This references Mario's well-known phrase the princess is in another castle.
Mortal KombatFatality and Flawless Victory!, a quote by the demon Ghazbaran, are phrases from the video game series Mortal Kombat. Additionally, the mission in The New Frontier Quest Fatality appears in is called Mortal Combat.
Pac-ManA secret room in one of Ankrahmun's tombs has the same layout as a level from the arcade game Pac-Man, complete with teleporters, fruits, and ghosts.
Monkey Island Game SeriesI braved the Annihilator and all I got is this lousy teddy bear is an allusion to The Secret of Monkey Island's legendary treasure: a T-Shirt. When you look at it, you can read: "I found the Legendary Lost Treasure of Mêlée Island and All I Got Was this Stupid T-Shirt."
The abandoned restaurant sitting south of the Dwarven Bridge, was set up by a pirate named Rapp Scallion, who died before his business could begin. This is a reference to the pirate cook Rapp Scallion, one of the piece of map owners in Monkey Island II.
A book in the Royal Archives of Thais writes about an inhabitant named Threpwood Guybrush, a refference to Guybrush Threepwood, the main character of the Monkey Island Series.
The fight against Grand Master Oberon is also a debate of which the answers are found in The Grand Master of Verbal Debate book collection. This fight idea seems to be based on the Insult Sword Fighting of the Monkey Island Series, specially since one of the Tibia insults/answers (Volume II) is identical to a pair of the Monkey Island game.
Golden Axe Video GameThe quest item Golden Axe is an allusion to a classic Arcade game with the same name. The allusions are present in its weight (19.89 oz, the game was released in 1989) and in its flavor text: Forged and wielded by a long forgotten dwarf with a heart as black as an adder., which are references to the protagonist (dwarf) and main antagonist (Death Adder) of the game.
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 Great info given by @Xarkost

Also, the best reference to me , is the ninja turtles on Liberty Bay. 

Next to depot on your left, if you go down , you can see a room with 4 turtles and one rat, which obviouly are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael,  Donatello and Splinter. If you take a look around that room, you can see the weapons they've used during all the series (except the nunchaku and sai, the last one was introduced several updates after)

I love references, and i've seen a lot of them in the game, also the whole similarity between Kazordoon and The Lord of the Rings'  khazad dum is awesome. 

I would like to see more of these references during these coming updates.


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Thats a really fun one! I checked it out and I really do like it :D