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As we know there is Fibula Villa and Guildhall of the Red Rose.

Are there and other buildings which were made for Player or Guilds? If you know any tell me who for were they created?
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Your comment is pointless here. Some buildings were created for special players or guilds :P

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  • Guildhall of the Red Rose-This was one of the first guildhalls made in Tibia. It was built for the second Tibian guild, Red Rose on the Antica server!
  • Mercenary Tower-This guildhall name used to be The Mercenary Guild. One of the oldest Guildhalls and connected to the Antican and also first guild, Mercenarys. The keys 3930, 3931, 3932, 3933, 3934, 3935, 3936, 3937, 3938 opened doors here when guildhalls were first made.
  • Fibula Village, Tower Flat- As the Red Rose guild member Lostboy built the island of Fibula, he built two houses: one for himself and one for the legendary Opa Wetterwachs. The one he built for himself was located on Calcanea and does not exist anymore, whereas the latter is this very tower. This is why this building is also known as the Opa Wetterwachs tower. It used to be opened with Key 3902. This tower used to have a basement with casks, but it was removed a long time ago. It is said that Opa Wetterwachs summoned Dragons down here for him to kill.
  • Fibula Villa- Can't find much information on the history of Fibula Villa but as the myth goes it was apparently made for Cipsofts friend but cannot verify this.

There was a create your own house competition! On March 2012 Tibia asked players to make their dream house, so essentially these houses were created for the players by the players. 








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Thank you :D
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I heard story about guild house at Cormaya Isle.

Long time ago there was guild on Antica called White Dragon. Thier leader design Maze of Lost Soul near Carlin. Cipsoft honored his work with name of his guild and named Guild hall like that. :D                                            Castle of the White Dragon



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I also heard about Maze of Lost Soul. You are right here :)