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I heard some rumours about Fibula Villa. My friend told me a story that it was created for real cipsoft's friend. This person is not playing anymore but he still has infinity premium account from cipsoft.

Does anyone know something more about this story?

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I'm trying to find the exact story about the Fibula Villa I'm not sure it was a myth or not. So far I found this about Fibula so maybe this will give us more insight. (Im going to do further research but this serves as a base for my research because I know this isn't the answer you want to hear) 


This was one of the first guildhalls made in Tibia. It was built for the second Tibian guild, Red Rose on the Antica server, which has owned it ever since


As the Red Rose guild member Lostboy built the island of Fibula, he built two houses: one for himself and one for the legendary Opa Wetterwachs. The one he built for himself was located on Calcanea and does not exist anymore, whereas the latter is this very tower. This is why this building is also known as the Opa Wetterwachs tower. It used to be opened with Key 3902. This tower used to have a basement with casks, but it was removed a long time ago. It is said that Opa Wetterwachs summoned Dragons down here for him to kill. Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 5170 gold per month.

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Nice fact is that last login of this guy is in 2013 and he is still premium :D But villa changed owner cause price was to high  after update.
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Well you don’t know why house have changed owner but house is still in Red rose hands >.<
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Also fun fact Red rose were guild before even Tibia give that option to make “clan”. So there are many speculations about that they were first guild in game without guild xDd