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Why would you own a house on both server types (regular or restricted store) during the Tournament?
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There isn't much benefit to owning a house on a restricted store world. The only benefit I could think of is if you got it strategically by a spawn you would be hunting. This would give you a place to drop your loot and get back to hunting pretty quickly. Also, could be a safe spot if someone was attacking you.

The main benefit of a house on the regular server is that you gain access to Mana Casks which becomes a lot cheap to fill potions than buying them in the store or using kegs. Combine this with the above of having it by a hunting spawn can save you a lot of time of having to resupply.

Here you can see the price of tibia coins that makes the Kegs worth it. You can see the kegs have a higher coin threshold before they begin to cost more than buying in shop.