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Troll Guard is one of rare monsters in bestiary.

According to bestiary we can find them in Rookgaard Underground, but where we can meet them among mainland if we already left Rookgaard years ago?

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There are 2 areas to find Troll Guard in Mainland. The first is during a troll raid on Carlin. You can find the raid to the North West of Carlin by the boat to the Ice Islands. 7 Troll Guards should appear in the last wave. (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Carlin_Raids#Troll_Raid_North-West_of_Carlin)

The second option is during the Kingsday Mini World Change. In the Knights' Guild Arena in Thais every hour after the servers came up there will be a raid. There are 12 possible options for the raid but one of them is assorted trolls. This troll Raid will contain some Troll Guards. If you are a lower level you will have to be careful though if you are camping the place waiting for the raid as the stronger creatures that can appear are Dragon Lords and Frost Dragons.
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Ahhh I didn't know was possible to get them in this Mini World Change, good to know! TY.