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My server is kinda weird - Depth Lorica costs here 1.3kk, so i'm using master archer's armor currently. Haven't been playing for a while so i don't know all the items, but i've found Embrace of Nature which seems pretty cool actually, and it costs less than 200k here. So here's the question - should I buy it and use as a main armor? The only drawback I see is the -3% energy protection, is it such a big deal?

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It Really depends on what you hunting and how you hunting. Is it team, is it solo- and what is actually your level. Major difference between Embrace of Nature and Depth Lorica is missing imbuing slot. Depth Lorica is good to use on Ghostly dragons hunts (as an example) and then Embrace of nature will be perfect for Winter Elves. I did small table so you can see and compare Armors which you can be interested in. As you are looking for something reasonable with price - Magic Plate Armor can be your solution (you can add Imbu potection whatever you will need). Check also price for Ghost Chestplate... Bosses which drops this armor are raided regularly so price might be more tempting. You can also visit this page . But to be Honest, Embrace of nature will not be that bad at all. 

ArmorLevel RequiredArmPositive attributesNegative AttributesImbuing Slots
Depth Lorica 15016Distance Fighting +3, Death protection +5%NA2
Magic Plate ArmorNo17NANA2
Gnome Armor20017Distance Fighting +3, Protection energy +8%, physical +4%Ice -2%2
Ghost Chestplate23017Distance fighting +2; protection physical +3%Na2
Embrace of Nature22016Distance fighting +4; protection Ice +11%energy -3%1