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I'm currently trying to decorate my house with store items or rare items, I would like if someone else bring me some names of items which I coud obtain. That's reason I found this fanpage, I loved the omniscient owl.
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May I recommend you to mention what style or colour you looking for... there is so many items first of all, secondly it might be considered as a “opinion based” as what it the best - try to make it more like those for example https://www.tibiaqa.com/17507/what-house-decorations-are-the-darkest-and-creepiest?show=17507#q17507 or https://www.tibiaqa.com/19642/what-items-can-be-used-for-decorating-a-golden-themed-house?show=19648#a19648
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You are right, excuse me, I corrected the question.

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- Demonic Essence

- Blazing Bone

- Phoenix Egg

- Eternal Flames

- Flames of the Percht Queen

- The crown of the Percht Queen

- Blazing Bone

- Fiery heart

- Diabolic Skull

- Claw of the Noxious Spawn

- Golden Fafnar

- Holy Falcon

- Dragon Claw

- Demon Infants

- Stuffed Dragon

- Plushie of Gaz'Haragoth

- Ferumbras Puppet

- Nightmare Best Santa

- Demonic Finger 

- Orshabaal's Brain

- Talon

- Odd Organ

- Wand of Dimensions

- Trapped Bad Dream Monster

- Dream Warden Mask

- Dream Warden Claw

- Crawlers Essence

- Brooch Of Embracement 

- Goblet of Gloom

- Gruesome Fan

- The impretior's Trident

- Petrified Scream

- Dracoyle Statue

- Skull

- Skeleton Decoration

- Book of Necromatic Rituals

- Black Skull

Fansite Items: 

- Ferumbras Doll

- Doll Dread

- Nightmare Doll


Golden Demon Skull

- Minotaur Skull

- Demon Pet

- Lit Skull Lamp

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I like the nostalgia from old school Tibia when these things were still a big deal: Wand of Inferno, Fire Sword, Demon Set

I also think Eternal Flames are pretty cool.

Molten Plate is a pretty epic rare but it's quite expensive.

Apart from regular items you could get a Dragon Corpse if you live in a house that it can be pushed to. Venore = Possible, Yalahar = Not Possible etc.

Note that the Dragon Corpse needs to be spawned after server save. Corpses from dragons that you kill decays in the house.
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I believe that the way you put the items together will have a "hellish" effect. I'll leave some names, I hope it helps with something.

 Phantasmal Axe

 Fire Sword

Taurus Mace

Vampire Silk Slippers

Skull Helmet

The Crown of the Percht Queen (Fire)

Anatomy Book

Bone Fiddle

Bones of Zorvorax

Coal Basin

Candle Made of Human Tallow

Captured Wolf

Gold Nuggets

Lit Torch

Minotaur Skull

Orc Skull

Plague Mask

Ancient Liche Bone

Diabolic Skull

Flames of the Percht Queen

Goblet of Gloom

Phoenix Egg

Spite's Spirit

The Skull of a Beast

Vial of Hatred

If "Infernal" in the sense of fire or related colors could also use these items as an example: What items can be used for decorating a golden themed house? - TibiaQA