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According to the news next Monday 23 Nov, the new Vocation Balancing will release. I wanna know how does this balance affect the PvP worlds in PvP situations.
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Something I say for sure is about the characters created to fight a war, (DRUIDA AND SORCER), when it comes to PVP the magic Magic Shield - Utamo Vita (both vocations) is extremely important to sustain the character's time in his war it was a big change:

"The goal is to prevent wizards using Utamo Vita from having a greater number of hit points than Knights, but without removing the ability of vocations to use this feature."


I believe that a character created to fight a war will no longer be able to endure for a long time as he will take more damage using magic.

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It will primarily affect the mages for sure.

Lower level mages will have zero chance of survival if being attacked by many players.

Higher level mages that have previously already been going without manashield will not be as affected.

A result in the market might be that Stoneskins and Might Rings etc. will skyrocket in price. They became about 4x more expensive after Soul War Quest was released on some servers, so they might go even higher now.