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Time ago It was posible to attack players/mob in stack, as you still can do in retro worlds.

But nowadays this is not longer in certain circunstances.

So, which are the runes/spells that you can't use in stack if you are not the first in stack?
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Is "fiesta of stack" some kind of saying I'm not aware of or was it meant to be "first in stack"?
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hahahahahahaha i wrote it on the mobile phone, and you know how the auto corrector works LOL, changing it now
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is this for optional pvp as well ?
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I think so, but I never played optionalpvp

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Basically you can not use any Rune or Munition (diamonds arrows) AOE, the same applies to Spells, if you are not the first in the stack u only can use single target runes, munition or spells. Also bombs and walls are impossible to use, you will be able just to use fields.

You can't use

  • Avalanche Rune
  • Great Fireball Rune
  • Stone Shower Rune
  • Thunder Storm Rune
  • Explosion Rune
  • Energy Bomb Rune
  • Fire Bomb Rune
  • Poison Bomb Rune
  • Energy Wall Rune
  • Fire Wall Rune
  • Poison Wall Rune

  • Diamond Arrows
  • Burst Arrow

  • Any spell that deals damage in area

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Which runes or spells can be used if you aren't the first on a stack?