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The Hungerer is one of the very rare bosses appearing during mini world change. How to trigger his respawn?

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Information around this was recently published by the fansite Tibia Bosses. To spawn this boss you will need the Hive Outpost Mini World Change to be active. On the lowest floor of this area during the Mini World Change there is a spawn of Spidris Elite and Hive Overseer. Whenever the Spidris Elite or Hive Overseer respawn there is a chance that it could be the boss "The Hungerer".

So to make this boss spawn you will have to go to this location and just kill the Spidris Elite and Hive Overseer many times and there is a random chance that you will get the boss to spawn.

Source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/the-hungerer-old-but-totally-unknown-boss-revealed/
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The Hungerer is one of the lastest founded boss (kinda funny caise he exost in tobia for 5 years). Full article and probably all the info You may fond on tibia secrets webage.

P. S. It's amazing that we can find some new secrets and mysteries in this game.
I agree- iT is fantastic to find new secrets and mysteries-that’s what makes Tibia amazing