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Some friends told me that The Voice Of Ruin spawn in 2 places, but I know only the zao cave with the cobra floor.

Is really 2 spots? If so, where are both?


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It seems there is possibility of this boss spawning in two spots as your friend mention- however, both would be on -2 "Cobra Floor".

1. Most known:




This is based on following resources:

Regarding 1st place-  Videos on https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/The_Voice_of_Ruin; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjiKU9Hme-0

Regarding 2 place- Screenshot: https://www.facebook.com/tibiabossescom/photos/a.710989992376885/1842475399228333/?type=3&theater

Looking at Vunira's, Wintera's or even Solidera, Serdebra, Refugia, Quelibra etc killing history for this boss, there is a chance that boss can appear twice (or it always appear in two places) on the same day- however players either do not realise they killed the boss, or do not check for second spot as unaware there is another one. There is also possibility that the spawning of the boss is triggered by killing mobs in the cave- but I doubt that, as there is no evidence of more than 2 killings in a day. 

Vunira's killing stats: https://guildstats.eu/bosses?world=Vunira&monsterName=The+Voice+Of+Ruin&rook=0

Wintera's killing stats: https://guildstats.eu/bosses?world=Wintera&monsterName=The+Voice+Of+Ruin&rook=0

Solidera: https://guildstats.eu/bosses?world=Solidera&monsterName=The+Voice+Of+Ruin&rook=0